North Coast, by Inertia

Visualise a Mediterranean escape that you would never have to leave, a blissful getaway that can become a lifestyle, a home. Jefaira is stretched over 5.5 million square metres that overlook the enigmatic shores of the Mediterranean on the Egyptian North Coast. Every unit within Jefaira will have access to the Aeolian salty sea breeze driving between the wide causeways leading to the promenade and marina where eyes will meet the endless deep azure of 3.6 km of enchanting Mediterranean coast. Days in Jefaira can be spent walking placidly along its shores, or invested in a myriad of water activities. Residences in Jefaira are inspired by the Mediterranean islands’ architecture, that aim to merge visual aesthetics with their natural surroundings. Winding promenades will lace between cool and neutral coloured units and their clean design will provide the privacy that all residents crave. Living in this Elysian escapade permanently is a reality in Jefaira, as the premises provides educational services, institutes, specialised medical services and medical clinics, community enrichment facilities, and business facilities such as convention centres, all rival living in the stress and tension of the city. The word Jefaira refers to the name given to the actual area where the project is located. It originates from the Arabic ‘Jafr’ which means an open fresh water well that refers to the pure and pristine Mediterranean waters.

Jefaira’s location is midst a sought after venue on the Mediterranean coast. The project is strategically 30 minutes away from Al Alamein international airport and a two-hour drive away from the city of Alexandria, making it quickly accessible for motorists on all major roads and for international travellers. These proximities make it easy for all visiting Jefaira, whether for work or play, to quickly acclimatise to the best that the North Coast can offer. Jefaira’s position on the Mediterranean coast provides a laid-back experience that focuses on cultivating the best quality of life by providing all your every day needs in parallel with immaculate surroundings. Jefaira offers more than an easily accessible idyllic escape, it is the
ideal life.

Jefaira is stretched over 5.5 milion sqm, it contains private residences ranging from spacious two and three-bedroom condos, a range of family villas, and twin houses alongside breezy chalets and cabins. 75% of Jefaira is composed of greenery and open space to ensure that there is enough expanses for the residents to enjoy. The epicenter of these elegantly designed homes is the downtown area where the majority of the food and beverage outlets will be arranged. The commercial, educational, and medical areas will be arranged at the heart of the project, which provides easy access from the external road that leads to Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh. There are control points throughout the project to ensure privacy and security between the commercial and residential areas.

Compound Facilites

  • Beach Beach
  • Clubhouse Clubhouse
  • Commercial Area Commercial Area
  • Dining & Restaurants Dining & Restaurants
  • Education Facilities Education Facilities
  • Entertainment Facilities Entertainment Facilities
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Landscape Landscape
  • Medical Center Medical Center
  • Parks Parks
  • Playgrounds Playgrounds
  • Pool Pool
  • Spas Spas
  • Sports Sports
  • Water Features Water Features

Compound Location